10 Facts About Julia Gillard You Can Take To A Cocktail Party

So obvi we’re not experts in anything, but like a good psychopath we know a little bit about lots of things. It comes in handy in two scenarios; hosting podcasts and cocktail parties. So as our gift to you this week, here are 10 Julia Gillard fast facts you can use at cocktail parties so you don’t look like a dickhead.

She’s from Barry, Wales - the same place Gavin & Stacey is set and yes she will have a pint of wine.

Her middle name is Eileen, which suits her perfectly.

Her bust at the Ballarat Botanic Gardens is tezz.

She doesn’t want kids, she never did and shut up about it already.

She’s a huge fan of the Western Bulldogs despite growing up in Radelaide.

She met Timmy Mathieson when she went in for an appointment at his hair salon (and her hair has looked lush ever since.

She does not like tattoos on women. Ok, Boomer.

She doesn’t believe in God. Chill.

Her favourite food is caesar salad and honestly we are judging.

She once called Kevin Rudd a “psychopath with a giant ego”**

** Actually some other guy said that but our version makes for a better story.

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