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5 fashion styles Mussolini could have adopted

Mussolini will be remembered mainly for his invention of fascism and his friendship with Hitler. A writer at heart Mussolini also penned a romance novel and was a major fan of Les Mis and spent his life trying to mould the perfect Italian man. When the Italian’s decided to give Mussolini the flick he was called into the boss’s (King Victor Emmanuel III) to sign the paperwork but he got stitched up and on the way out he was arrested. Long story short the German’s invade Italy, Mussolini is no longer a baddie but he gets killed by firing squad.

But despite all that… Mussolini is hardly an oil painting and has a face one easily forgets. To combat his forgettable features we have a few men's styling suggestions that Mussolini could have adopted.

1. Cane

While this is a vintage image of Scott Disick trying to pull off a cane as a fashion accessory the internet has not forgotten. Which makes it the perfect statement piece for a boring bloke (looks-wise) like Mussolini.

2. Pipe

As smoking was still cool in the '40’s and I’ve never met an Italian who didn’t love a cheeky dart a pipe would have been right up Mussolini’s ideal Italian stallion alley.

3. Cravat

Doubles as a neck warmer and can be a really great way to incorporate colours and paisley prints to an otherwise drab military green ensemble. Colour selection is crucial as it can really make or break an entire outfit.

4. Bow ties

Even though LK and Rossy reckon bow ties should become BoJo’s thing, let’s entertain the idea of Mussolini giving these a run in the socialist circles of 1920’s Italy. Imagine Mussolini doing the charleston in a bow tie with a mistress draped in pearls. Magic.

5. Elton John-esq Headwear

C’mon. A feathered headdress fit for a pop KWEEN (aka Elton John) should be good enough for a fascist dictator like Mussolini. Agree, the matching one piece is a bit much but as a featured accessory you can’t go wrong.

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