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Even though you’ve probably read every piece of content on the world wide web on the Platinum Jubilee we got some more hot takes from the big ‘ol party the Brits threw for Biz’s 70th year on the throne. While it doesn’t take much to convince those British passport holders that a long weekend is needed to solidify their support of the monarchy it does take a bit more effort to stop LK and Rossy from having opinions about the celebrations.

As we watched the televised bigging up of the Queen, we noticed a couple of problematic moments.. Well maybe problematic is a strong word so let’s change this headline to: 5 inappropriate things about the Platty Joobs.

Hologram of Biz sends internet into a tizz

So the internet already has a few people believing that any descendant of the Crown are actually lizard people and while we are prone to a conspiracy even this one is a stretch for us (... also turns out you can be a professional conspiracy theorist, and your title would be: Conspiracy Theortician!) So when the projected Biz’s image on to the back of the gold plated stage coach people a) thought that Biz had already died and b) confirmed she and the rest of the Windors are in fact lizard people. It was however just a fun idea to have the image of Biz at her coronation be brought to life at what will 100% be her last Jubilee celebration.

Rod Stewarts sings Neil Diamonds: ‘Sweet Caroline’

According to Rod the BBC made him sing Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ and we are confused because the Queens name is Elizabeth..?

Biz ‘requests’ Alicia Keys sings about New York..?

Apparently Biz asked Alicia Key’s to sing the song about New York despite being in London and despite the obvious choice being the song about the girl being on fire…

Camilla wears a light up bracelet like the commoners

Yep, that’s right - even though it’s been over 25 years since Charles and Camilla became official it still is a big hurdle for Camilla to be liked by the majority if Brits in the wake of Princess Diana’s shadow. So she does things like this occasionally like sharing her Victoria sponge recipe or popping on a bracelet to be the same as the commoners.

Where are all those people finding the toilet

LK has some real anxiety about mass crowds and the worry that they might have trouble finding the toilet.


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