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5 outfits Meghan could have worn for the Oprah interview

So everyone is still talking about the Harry and Meghan Oprah interview and of course it’s all we can think about. But we are tackling the hard hitting issues - and by that we mean fashun! Meghan wore a Armani black wrap dress with white lotus flower, which retails for $4700, to symbolise her ability to flourish in muddy conditions. And it’s got us wondering - does Meghan still have a stylist, since her rift with mate Jessica Mulroney or does she have to source her own well thought out fashion choices? If so, what is the process of finding the perfect outfit narrative and does she bill the hours she spends doing desk top research directly to CBS or is it best to submit all your interview related invoices to Gail who probably still handles all of Oprah’s admin?

However she gets there, we want to offer our support to Meghan and take that task off her hands. Let’s not get started on Oprah’s fashion choices - but we are going to have a go at being Meghan’s stylist because no one should have to go through life selecting their own high end designer (usually off the rack - GASP!) clothes.

By the way Rossy’s therapist recommends reading this book - No Mud, No Lotus - The Art of Transforming Suffering.

5 outfits Meghan could have worn for the Oprah interview:

When life gives you lemons - Alexandria Miro dress

Not a maternity dress but still loose fitting and colourful, which would have suited the beautiful outdoor backdrop of the unnamed celebrity’s MonteCito mansion … btw do we reckon it’s Eric Schmidt or Scooter Braun who Airbnb'd their house to Oprah?

You’re gonna hear me ROAR! - Kenzo lion dress

As Katy Perry once said - ‘You’re gonna hear me ROAR… and I don’t need the British!’ This was soon after her divorce from British comedy royalty - Russell Brand. A Kenzo knit dress would have been a great comfy option for Megs during the interview, while still being able to accommodate the baby bump. At the same time also showing her bravery represented by the lion. Isn’t he cute?

Diana’s revenge dress - Christina Stambolian dress

The night Charles went on TV and admitted he had an affair with Camilla - Diana rocked up to an event in this ripper dress and it was seen as the ultimate ‘fuck you’ to the royal family. Had Meghan recreated this look (she probably already has that pearl necklace in her Diana hand me down jewelry box) the Queen, Charles and Camilla would have shit themselves sent a wire transfer of 10 million quid and never mentioned #megxit again!

Straight outta Compton - Clueless Halloween costume

Nothing says ‘I heart LA’ like the yellow plaid suit Cher wore to school in the iconic 1995 movie - Clueless. This would have been a double edged sword for Megs, a message to the palace and the rest of the world, ironically highlighting white privilege and then also a little nod to her Californian upbringing. Cher showed every 90’s adolescent what what it’s like to grow up rich but still suffer discrimination (she gives the new ugly kid a makeover and then the ugly kid gets more popular than Cher!) and mental health issues (hooks up with her step brother).

Love is a Battlefield - Balmain + Olivier

Sometimes the only way to face a self promotion interview that will likely result in the total abandonment of your husband’s family and their duchy is with a suit of armor. So doing a recycle of the 2016 Met Gala theme - ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in An Age of Technology’ and this Balmain dress, which is not only sustainable, but the ultimate stance against bullying, wars and fast fashion, absolutely makes our shortlist.

Do you reckon we get the stylist job..?

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