5 un-fun facts about Pol Pot

Pol Pot was the leader of Cambodia from 1963 to 1981. During that time he made plans to reverse Cambodia back into the middle ages by moving the population from the cities to the country to become a farming nation as well as attempting to abolish the need for money, private property and religion. Here are 5 un-fun facts about him and his ideas on how the Khmer Rouge could make Cambodia a better place.

1. Pol Pot was into genocide

While the numbers are hard to confirm due to the mass deaths in the killing fields of Cambodia it is estimated that Pol Pot killed between 1.4 and 2.4 million Cambodians. This was approximately 21 - 24% of the entire country's population.

2. Pol Pot believed if you wore glasses you were smart

Part of the reasoning for targeting groups was to remove any educated person from the population in order to gain traction on his ‘farming nation’ dream. This included people who spoke a foreign language or wore glasses. Because bad vision makes you smart..?!

3. Pol Pot wanted to get rid of educators even though he was a teacher

So it seems a bit odd that you might want to get rid of a community of people that you are yourself a part of, but for Pol Pot he didn’t have a problem with bursting into the school teacher community and shipping them all off to the killing fields in order to avoid ever having to do a parent-teacher interview ever again.

4. Pol Pot was a Stalin and Mao Zedong fan-boy

Presumably, Pol Pot had an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Stalin and Mao Zedong as he really tried his best to emulate their leadership styles. Pol Pot’s communist heroes would form a word cloud of ‘torture, death and shit blokes’.

5. Pol Pot has never acknowledged any wrong-doing

Despite Pol Pot being sentenced to prison in his jungle home in 1997 for his terrible crimes against humanity he never admitted to his wrong-doing and died of a heart attack a year later. However, there is evidence to suggest he committed suicide to avoid imprisonment and or trial.

What the dick?

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