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What do you know about Mary Queen of Scots? Not much? Basically nothing? Same. Look, all you really need to know is that Mary Queen of Scots was the Queen of Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567. She was forced to abdicate after marrying the only suspect linked to her 2nd husbands murder. Her cousin Elizabeth 1 eventually called for her execution after a lifetime of Catholics questioning Elizabeth I as the Crown as she was the bastard child of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

Anyway that’s the quick recap. Here are the 7 fun facts about Mary Queen of Scots.

1. Became Queen at 6 days old

Imagine taking the throne as an infant! Well Mary was only 6 days old when her father King James V of Scotland was killed in battle and as the heir to the throne she simultaneously wore bonnets and a crown.

2. She invented golf caddies

Why would you want to play golf without a caddy? It’s like climbing Everest without a sherpa! Well Mary loved golf and while introducing it to the French she also employed cadets to follow her around the course and carry her bags. She called them her ‘caddies’.

3. Made up a new spelling of her last name

While the French enjoyed the lessons Mary gave them on playing golf they struggled to pronounce her last name Stewart. So to help them out she removed the ‘w’ and replaced it with a ‘u’. Changing the spelling of her family name indefinitely to: Stuart.

4. Mary had spaghetti legs

Being tall and red headed usually leads to a career on Broadway but in the 1500’s this wasn’t the case. Being over 5 foot 4 inches was considered tall but Mary was almost 6 feet tall making her a royal giant.

5. Wore white to her 1st wedding (even though it wasn’t cool yet)

So wearing white in the 1500’s was actually the colour of mourning, but Mary just loved the shade and bucked tradition to wear white to her first wedding to Francis of France who later died of an ear infection.

6. Smuggled her dog into her execution

Some people really love their dog but Mary took it to a whole other level when she smuggled her terrier into her skirt on the day of her execution. The dog (who we assume was named Terry) got very upset when his master was beheaded and jumped out to yap at the bloke with the guillotine.

7. Hated her cousin Queen Elizabeth I

There was so much argy-bargy between Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots and despite the tension between the two women and who was the rightful heir to the British throne, Elizabeth I eventually cracks it and calls for Mary’s execution. The two cousins are also buried side by side at Westminster Abbey.


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