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We're back! As we kick off 2022 the year of the Queen's Platinum (that means 70!) Jubilee we look back at what was Biz's equivalent of a shit show! We review all the Prince Andrew and Harry and Meg's drama, Kate's gold dress success and all those new Royal babes!

So you might be thinking that with all the 2021 covid content you’ve been drowning in, there was really no other interesting 2021 news - especially for the British royal family. Well mates, if that’s absolutely not true. Because actually, a lot happened last year. So much so, the bookies reckon Biz is probably looking at early retirement. And according to 47% of Brits want to skip old mate Charles and hand the baton (Crown) straight to Wills. Which LK and Rossy also think is a good shout. Imagine ‘Fred and Gladys’ as the boss of the Monarchy - crikey!

Anyway, here is a list of all the notable events from the Windsor’s (or Royal adjacents) in 2021:

  • Phil the Greek died

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was just shy of his 100th birthday when he kicked the bucket in April 2021.

  • Harry and Meghan do the Oprah interview

Oh, the Oprah interview! Where the US sympathised with Meghan and Harry while the rest of the world watched on and wondered if perhaps Meghan could put aside her ignorance for just a sec… and also if Oprah is that wealthy and that influential why does she wear ugly shoes..?

  • Kate and the gold dress

So Kate defs has a new stylist who absolutely outdid themselves with the full-length gold sequin caped ball gown Kate rocked at the James Bond premiere. It was amazing, she looked immaculate, we fell in love. All hail Queen Kate.

  • Andrew saga continues

So Prince Andrew has been retired to Kensington Palace and no longer has to attend the opening of bridges. But Ghislaine Maxwell went to trial which meant Andrew’s past has never been too far from coming back to bite him in the arse. 2022 has already seen him stripped of all honours and may see him face a civil trial in the US. Ouch.

  • Meghan went on Ellen

Seems Meghan can’t get enough of her well connected day time TV mates and rocked up to Ellen’s house with an unusual request to be interviewed on the Ellen Show to try and enhance her middle-class image in an attempt to be more relatable and somehow use this new-found status to save the world from the British royal family..? Or something like that. Look, we are not really sure as to why she did this interview or what she was hoping to gain, but if you have a spare 12 minutes it’s worth a watch.

So many royal babes born in 2021 - Biz is going to have to add these ankle biters to her spreadsheet and try to remember all their birthdays and what treats they like to bake with her on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Eugenie had a baby

August in May

  • Meghan had a baby

Lilibet in June

  • Beatrice had a baby

Sienna in September

  • Kitty Spencer got married

OK so not that she is royal but Kitty Spencer is what LK and Rossy would consider ‘royal adjacent’ and gee-whiz that 5 day Italian/Dolce and Gabbana themed wedding was bloody epic!

  • Wills and Kate - 10 year wedding anniversary

Not only is it 10 years since Wills and Kate got married (and the world lost their shit at royal romance) it’s also 10 years until Wills can tell his friends that he would have ‘got less for murder!’

  • Barbados left the Commonwealth

Unfortunately, Rhianna is not their president but Prince Charles fell asleep at the ceremony and golly gosh it would have been a good day for an arvo nap or maybe an illicit substance.

  • The Queen cancelled Xmas

With everything that happened in 2021 by the time it came to Xmas Biz had just had a gut full so she told everyone to sort out their own Xmas ham. She made the big call that she was going to spend the day with only the people she wanted to see and we get it Biz, we totally get it!


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