Charles and Diana's wedding - with Karen Kerbis

LK and Rossy kick off season 3 of the pod by chatting to royal tragic Karen Kerbis who went to the royal wedding even though she wasn’t invited. Karen used all her worker's comp money on a trip to London just so she could be in the same air as Charles and Diana. We get all the tea on being in London for the wedding and what it was like to see Diana IRL.

Ok so even though the wedding of the century was 40 years ago and it ended in a bitter divorce (and possible murder plot from the royal family involving Diana) we are still frothing all the royal wedding hype!

While LK and Rossy can only imagine what it was like to be present at one of the most ICONIC events of the ’80s, Karen gives us her first-hand experience. Studying English history at Uni made Karen a royal enthusiast so being a part Charles and Diana’s was a must! So she packed her bags and went to the wedding.

Have a listen to the pod for the full story. But also here is a quick summary of all the must-do things while attending a royal wedding!

Live like a Royal

While Karen was in London she decided that it was only fair if Diana was marrying a future King that she should stay at a fancy hotel. So she booked herself a room at the Dorchester for the night before and the night of the wedding. She loved it so much but neglected thinking about checking out of Dorchester the day after the wedding and having to go back to a regular hotel. Sigh.

Seeing Princess Diana IRL

Even though she was separated by thousands of people, being able to see Diana wave from the balcony at Buckingham palace was probably the most exciting part of the whole trip. Diana may be one of the most photographed people in the world but how many people were actually able to be in her presence? Karen even took a photo and still has it. She proudly tells everyone ‘see the small white dot in the corner - that’s Diana!’

ALL the souvenirs

You can’t go to the royal wedding without coming home with a bunch of souvenirs with Charles and Diana’s head on them. Tea towels, tea cups, spoons, magazines, anything you can think of Karen bought it!

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