Charlotte's Nickname For William Has Just Been Announced

Alright team, time to calm the fuck down a bit. And God bless Hello! for bringing us a soft and entirely pointless story this week about the name Princess Charlotte has for Daddy Wills. Plot twist: it’s Papa. We did warn you just before how pointless this story is. But it did get us thinking about the royal monikers of yonder so he’s a recap. Pour yourself a cup of decaf tea, maybe a valium or two and let’s get into it.

Queen Elizabeth II: “Cabbage”

We were going to call bullshit on this one until one of the consultant’s on The Crown confirmed it (those bastards don’t fuck around). Apparently “cabbage” is a wonky translation from the French "mon petit chou," which means both “my little darling” and “my little cabbage” and Phil-The-Greek uses it all the time when referring to Biz. ‘Tis cute. And smelly and kinda gassy but sure.

Prince William: “Wombat”

As most Aussies know, wombats are known for having hard heads and being a bit dumb, but Diana called Wills her wombat during that tezz trip down under probably because it’s a hilarious word. Oh Diana, so good. Apparently it stuck. The best ones always do don’t they?

Prince Harry: “H”

How original, Meghan.

Duchess Katherine: “Kath”

This is amazing because we all want to live in a world where Boring Kate is a Kath & Kim super fan kickin’ back on the couch with a cardoney and some dippety bix.

Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla: Fred & Gladys

Oh these two scallywags have been calling each other by these nicknames for donkey’s years and it really pissed Diana off when Charles sent Camilla a bracelet with with ‘G’ and ‘F’ engraved that one time BEFORE the wedding. What a jerk.

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