Dogs of the British royal family

All any click-bait writer ever wants is for someone to read their content and there is no better way to do that than with puppies. Or a WAP dance challenge tik tok. But you’re here for the puppies - right?!

So, the Cambridges got a new puppy recently after their nine-year-old dog Lupo died last year. Kate’s brother James is a massive dog person who breeds spaniels and he gifted the dog to his sister, her hubby and their ankle-biters. Apparently, George, Charlotte and Louis got to pick the puppy and we can only imagine Charlotte had a lot of opinions about the selection criteria.

The British royal family love dogs more than Rossy loves pasta, so we’ve whacked together a list of all the cute dogs and their pawrents so you can get really into this.

The Cambridges - Spaniels

If you’ve ever been to a dog park you’ll know spaniels as the cutest smartest dog at the park - with the most boring fashion sense. Making this the perfect family dog for Wills and Kate. Loyal, trustworthy and dutiful, to king and country, is a Cambridge and a spaniel.

King David and Wallis - Pugs

Apparently Wallis was a ‘crazy pug lady’ before ‘crazy cat lady’ was a thing. She was obsessed with pugs and along with having 6 pugs named: Disraeli, Davey Crockett, Black Diamond, Imp, Trooper, and Ginseng - Wallis also had 11 pug shaped pillows that she kept at the foot of her bed!

Queen Biz - Corgi’s

Well is there anything more ICONIC than seeing Biz with her Corgi’s in a plaid skirt? We think not. There is even an animated film named ‘The Queen’s Corgi’. But Biz, loves these little furry delights so much that she has had over 30 corgi’s in the last 70 years.

Princess Anne - Bull terrier

While an unexpected choice for a royal, all that time spent on horses and out of the spotlight has obviously made Princess Anne unaware of how dangerous this breed is. One of Anne’s bull terriers named Florence savaged a maid and killed a corgi before seeing a shrink to ensure it made it to Crimbo at Sandringham.

Harry and Meghan - Rescues

Well it’s no surprise that Sussex’s have a rescue dog and a dog named after a currency. The beagle named Guy and a black lab named Pula have been flown all over the world, and re-homed multiple times due to #megxit. But hey, being a royal dog is the best isn’t it..?

If you are most of a cat person stay tuned for more royal pet content from LK.

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