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Euro Royals - Andorra

If you, like us, have never heard of the European Kingdom of Andorra, well listen up. Because there is lots to learn and plenty of time to Google images of the French president Emmanuel Macron, who is the Co-Chair/Prince of Andorra. Have a listen and it will all make sense. Also, Rossy has outdone herself this week with her self assigned research on the ‘imaginary’ kingdom of Tavolara. It’s a ripper!

First thing. So JonBenet Ramsay was mentioned last week due to Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly appearing in the background of one of her beauty queen photos. Anyway turns out the internet thinks that she is actually grown-up Katy Perry and LK and Rossy are already planning a conspiracy theory podcast and it’s going to be amazing!

Anyway back to all things royals. Well, almost.

Righto, so remember we talked about the imaginary Kingdom of Tavolara a few weeks ago, well Rossy is here to give you an update. Tavolara is a tiny island off the coast of Italy. Many years ago it was inhabited by some bloke named Giuseppe Bertoleoni. He accidentally married two sisters and was seeking a safe haven to escape his bigamy charge. So he settled on the island and one day the King of neighbouring island/kingdom Sardinia rocked up to check out these gold-toothed goats. Apparently Tavolara had some special grass that turned the colour of their teeth gold, and we don’t know why that is a good thing but OK. So when the neighbour bloke introduced himself and the King of Sardinia (which was actually a thing) Gusieppi replied ‘Good thanks, nice to meet you. I’m the King Tavolara.’ And therefore he became a King. Who knew it was that easy?!

OK for reals we’ll talk about royals now. As usual, we turn to Google for info but only to discover a very thin amount of knowledge of the Andorran royal family. We learn that there isn’t actually a royal family and Andorra is not only a potential name of one of the Golden Girls but also a diarchy.

Yes, a diarchy. Which means something to do with the number two and dual heads of state. Hang in there cos it’s pretty fun once you get the idea. Well, at least it is for the French president who gets to be Co-Chair/Prince of Andorra with the Spanish royal bishop. This Co-chair position is an unpaid gig and since 1993 means jack shit in terms of actual political power but hey. You get to be a Prince and Rossy reckons it’s kind of like getting an extra cheeseburger when you go to Maccas. There is a bit of banter about how hot current French President Emmanuel Macron is but, truth be told, we are a bit light on for content. But it’s also worth noting that Andorra is a tiny place jammed in between Spain and France. And while it is not a part of the EU, Andorra does use the Euro as currency under a special agreement. So suck on that Britain.

See you next ep for the season finale of Season One - We’ll Never be Royals!

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