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Euro Royals - Belgium

LK and Rossy are sticking to the two-parters with another instalment of Euro Royals. This episode is set in the European country of Belgium. The mainly boring, but also very scandalous, land of waffles and fries. Find out why Rossy wasn’t able to deliver this royal investigation and had to handball it to LK. Also why she’s not as excited about Prince Andrew’s chat with the FBI. Get it in your ears!

LK gives Rossy a hard time about her confusion over knowing the difference between Belgium and Belgian. In her defense she does know, but the panic about selecting the correct word in a sentence just always creeps up on her as she’s about to say it. You know, that anxious feeling when you want to sound smart but also you can’t remember, and you also can’t add any more words to the sentence without sounding like a complete idiot who was never listening in SOSE. Yeah, you get it. Anyway, LK comes up with a way for Rossy to say the correct word but truth be told it just adds more confusion. Luckily for the Belgium Royal family, they do not have this problem as their fine 3 language school system teaches Geography.

This week we are in Belgium searching for a good looking Belgian scandal and what do you know, we found one. A rippa. But first, let’s talk about the boring stuff like the current throne holding *borzo and his cute as a button family.

Allegedly, Phillipe of Belgium is Europe’s poorest monarch but what he lacks in riches he makes up for in Disney channel looks and charm. His wife Mathilde (or Ma-til-dar in bogan) is also very cartoon inspo material along with their four kids Princess Elisabeth - Duchess of Brabant, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel, and Princess Eléonore. But that’s about all the info we have on them for you. Because, *borzo.


OK, this is the good bit. In fact, gems like these are the entire reason LK and Rossy do this podcast. Uncovering a royal scandal is what they are all about. A big fat juicy royal scandal.

Right, so, Phillipe’s Dad Albert was King until 2013 when he needed to have a sit-down and pass the baton. Albert was, like a lot of Kings, a bit of a scallywag and had an extramarital affair (for 18 years!!!!), which produced a daughter named Delphine. Old mate Alby was very good at denying he had a daughter until he abdicated and was no longer protected by that sweet ‘ruler of the land shall not be prosecuted’ law. But having decided he was due a sit down meant he was then forced to stand up in court and give a DNA sample. Long story short, he’s definitely Delphine’s Dad, and only in January of this year, he released a statement confirming his long denied paternity. Gee whiz. Delphine is 52 years of age, by the way, 8 years younger than her step-brother King.

One more fun fact. In Belgium, if you are the 7th born child in your family either the King or Queen will be your godparent. Any child born in Belgium. Any. Not that happens very often, as the current King and Queen have 2 godchildren each, but still - pretty fun. Other than that the Belgian’s were pretty happy for the upgrade in Phillipe but Google seldom cares about them. So that’s it.


See you back here next week for the 2nd half of this ep. We are heading to Denmark to check out the Danes and we’ll do a Quick (but not) Quiz.

*borzo - boring.

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