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Euro Royals - Denmark

This episode LK and Rossy gush over the real-life fairytale love story of Crown Prince Fred of Denmark and his beautiful Aussie born wife Mary. Find out why these two are so adorable and how you too might be able to meet at Prince at a Pub. We discover the only mildly scandalous thing they have ever done and more fun facts about Fred’s Mum the Queen and illustrator of ‘Lord of the Rings'. Have a listen.

Honestly, this episode contains the world's longest Quick, but not quick, Quiz. The good news is though, it’s very funny and also a little bit informative.

Real life fairytale

So Rossy disappointed to crawl her way through the interweb only to come out with some gorgeous heartwarming images of Fred and Mary’s magical marriage and zero controversy! Ok, well not zero but only a little one that Fred is more than likely able to charm his way out of. But more of that later. Lets just gush over these images of heir apparent Fred and his Aussie born wife, Mary.


Well, being cute isn’t the only interesting thing about the Danes. Well, it kinda is, but hang in there we’ll get to the good stuff in a minute. So Fred’s Mum, the current monarch Queen Margrethe II kept her hubby, Henrik, on a short leash and when they were first married Queen Marg wasn’t prepared to spring for a salary or any staff. This made Henrik ropeable and he went ahead and did a cringe TV interview where he whinged about having to ask his wife for a pineapple (Aussie slang for $50) to buy some cigarettes. Crikey! Henrik also spent his whole royal life as a Prince despite his endless campaigning (to his wife) to be given the title of King or at the very east King Consort. Sadly, Henrik kicked the bucket in 2018 and never made it the King league.

In better news, Fred’s brother Joachim has been married twice, with four kids, and has produced one of the hottest royal bachelors in the world. The only other thing you need to know about the Danish Royal family is that they are loved by their peeps with an approval rating of 82-92%. The popularity of the royals is not lost on Visit Denmark as they kindly list on their website where you may be able to nab an IRL interaction with Crown Prince Fred on a morning jog or Mary walking the dogs. Rippa.

Alright, alright, alright. The only mild piece of scandalous news out of the Danish royal family comes in the form of a ski chalet in Switzerland. Fred and Mary have reportedly owned the villa for over 10 years but they forgot to declare the asset as it was paid for by the Danish public purse. Whoops. Anyway, The New Idea broke the story in January but since #therona so no one has bothered to do a follow-up and also, perspective.

At the end of the day, who cares because we love the Danes!

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