Euro Royals - Luxembourg

Righto. Rossy takes us to Luxembourg this week, but not before throwing shade at Meghan. Here we go!

Royal Recap

Rossy’s over all these bloody zoom calls. It was cute at first but it might be time to get weird with it. What are the corgi’s up to? Let’s give them a turn. Our favourite rager (that’s Rossy) also found a story claiming that Kate and Meghan’s feud is real and it all started with differing views on tights. Like, they’re really dealing with the big issues over there at the palace.

Also fun fact; did you know the Queen has exclusively worn Essy’s Ballet Slippers nail polish since 1989? LK is still giddy about it.

Meanwhile, LK got a bit high brow with it (no brag) and highlighted a recent Aussie ruling that will make Queen Biz’s letters to the 1970’s Aussie GG about the sacking of PM Gough Whitlam public for the first time. Also there’s some bullshit theory about William actually being the heir to the Scottish throne instead of the English one.

Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg (what a name!)

Big news; Rossy knows where Luxembourh is now and how to say it. Unfortunately we can’t say the same for Belgium. It’s all the Victorian government’s fault for removing geography from our year 7 public school curriculum. But we digress.

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg is a legend in his own lunchbox as Rossy would say. And a bit of a babe. Apparently these euro royals are all about abdicating and giving other people a turn so Henri’s had the top job since 2000. Things got a bit awkward when he refused to sign a enthenasia bill, despite the government approving it. Nek minute they just changed the rules so they didn’t need his signature at all. That’s gotta feel a bit odd. Life is complicated, eh?

Anyway, Henri is married to Maria and they have five (count ‘em!) kids. And a lot of grandkids - one of them was just born in iso.

Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg is like literally saving the world with her philanthropic and global development work. She’s also a babe. The local press think she might be a bit of a mole to all the staff because there’s pretty high turnover at the palace. Henri told them all to shut the hell up so we don’t really know who to believe. Meanwhile, the local British expats think it’s all a bit of a lol.

PS. Despite the rumours, Rossy found no credible proof that every person in Luxembourg gets to have a bevvie with the Royals when they turn 18. What a bummer.

PPS. Wanna have a listen?

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