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Euro Royals - Monaco

Part Two of Euro Royals is all about the Grimaldis of Monaco and Grace Kelly. The beautiful American actress who gave up her dreams and ambitions to be a dutiful public figure in Monaco. This family is romantic and scandalous and rich, and none of them ever decided to step down as senior members of the family. See? dutiful. Also, LK and Rossy also give us the world’s longest quick quiz… as usual! Listen now!

How’s your shit ...?

We are not checking in on each other’s shit this episode as we already did that in the last episode and as this is a two-parter it would be silly of us to do it again. And LK and Rossy are neither repetitive or silly! Anywho, we ditch the Swedes for the second half of Euro Royals as we head over to Monaco to find out all about the tax havens and Grace Kelly!

King Rainier

Rossy is having anxiety about her bogan accent ruining this bloke’s name. So she just stops referring to him by his royal title and goes with King R. His Mum was a legend and gave him the only 21st birthday present better than a Honda Civic, and renounced her right to the throne making him the direct heir. The year after he makes it to the big chair he has to go to war but he’s OK with that and becomes a great leader who makes a lot of policy changes around the country’s income and revamps its reputation as a gambling resort.

The wedding

Let’s be honest this is the main reason we care about the Monaco royals. Grace Kelly met King R at the Cannes Film festival in 1955 and a year later she was walking down the aisle in one of the most eye.con.ic wedding dresses the world has ever seen. Rossy a makes a small judgment about how much Kate Middelton copied Grace Kelly’s wedding dress but that’s OK because she too has no intention of leaving her royal post. In Monaco you get to have two weddings and it’s almost as good as having a joint kitchen tea and a hen’s day at the local bowls club!

Their kids

Three spawn resulted from the King R and Grace Kelly marriage. Caroline, Albert and Stephanie. Caroline has been married 3 times and is considered one of the best dressed women in the world and she probably even looks good in soft pants during iso. Prince Albert is a bit of a scallywag and the media reported he was gay when really he was being a naughty bachelor. He has a couple of illegitimate children, but you know… who doesn’t?! Stephanie is a tiny bit confused about her career path and has stuck her fingers in the model, swimwear designer and singing pies. She was also in the car when her mother died and the media gave her a hard time for years about it. But who cares because she is also a hot babe and stylish af.

Quick Quiz

As always the quick quiz is never quick and Rossy decides to go off script by finding questions about the European royals rather than the British royals. Because that’s more fun! Also, Rossy can only remember one fact about the British royal family and he has to do with Wallis Simpson and Champagne. LK, however, does well on the subject of European royals despite the fact this is only the second family on the list. Seems she has spent far too long reading trashies this week, mate. If you don’t get that reference listen to Real Fake Fame Podcast and you will.

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