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Euro Royals - Spain

And we’re off; to the land of big castles and even bigger tax evasion. It’s Spain Week!

Rossy’s been reading the trashies (at the supermarket only obvi) and apparently Meghan is pregnant again … with twins and so grateful. Rossy thinks it has to be fake because Meghan is rarely grateful for anything. Meanwhile LK reckons all this Megxit kerfuffle might give Ginger Spice a look in at a royal spot now that she’s officially a commonwealth ambassador. A girl can dream, hey?

Right. Spain time. Bet you didn’t know the former King of Spain shot his brother with a hunting rifle. I know right, what a way to start. And that’s not even the most interesting thing about Juan Carlos, who decided to have a sit down in 2014 and hand the reins over to his son, Felipe. Turns out he’s also into fathering children out of wedlock and misusing public funds. In fact, just this March Felipe cut him off. We don’t really know what that means but he might have to sit at the kid’s table this Christmas.

Juan isn’t the only dodgy bastard in the bunch. His daughter Christina and her husband went to court for misusing public funds in 2017. Christina pulled some strings and was acquitted but her poor bloody husband is in the clink as we type this. Also Rossy learns what handball is during this ep. Bloody Rossy.

Annyyyyyway. Felipe is King now, which we think is good because he’s hot and smart and went to law school. He was also in the Olympics one time. And he married a divorcee CNN journo so you know he has an edgy side. And he’s the godfather to one of Fred and Mary’s kids. Rossy reckons that means they hang out a lot, if only to stroke each other's egos and convince each other that they are still relevant. They have two kids who are too young to be interesting but given the history, we’re expecting big things from this fam in the future. And by big things, we mean outrageous scandals that would make Prince Andrew himself blush.

How about you pour yourself a sangria and pop this ep in your ears then?

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