Everything You Need To Read About “The Crown” Before The Season Four Premiere

Team. As we know you definitely know, season four of The Crown premieres on Netflix this Sunday, November 15 and we are off our tits excited about it.

We’ve pulled together a sneaky list of reading materials so that you can be adequately prepared to take in those clipped accents and amazing outfits better than ever.

Reckon we’ve missed something big? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to banter with you.

Here goes!

Vogue Talks Season Three - for those who don’t have the time to rewatch the last season (as if) those hot bitches at Vogue to a great job giving you the guts of what went down. Hint; Margaret has a breakdown.

Harper’s Bazaar Anticipates The Camilla / Diana Showdown - I mean, isn’t that why we’re all here?

Netflix Teases Us All - With this interview between faux Diana and Biz (aka Olivia Coleman and Emma Corrin) and it’s so lush guys. So lush.

Town & Country Are Also Spruiking Video Content - Don’t worry, you won’t get spoiled. We promise.

Those Hot Bitches At Vogue Also Talk Season Four - And there are so many pretty pictures.

The Guardian Gets All Intellectual About Things - They are the Guardian afterall.

Brooklyn Museum’s Online Exhibit Is Fangirling All The Fashion - For those whose hunger for Maggie Thatcher’s power suits can’t be denied.

Happy reading and even happier viewing, people!

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