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Five Royal Inspired Products On Sale This Black Friday Season

Ready to rationalise unnecessary purchases just because they’re on sale? Same. While Black Friday / Cyber Monday might feel a little different this year, we still have dollar signs in our eyes.

It is in this spirit we present to you the top five royal slash royal adjacent items on sale this season.

Crowns and credit cards at the ready - let’s do this!

Kate Middleton’s Michael Kors Dress

Trust sensible Kate to get around town in Michael Kors’ more accessible brand MICHAEL. She’s so good like that. This one retails for $175 USD but Saks have it on sale at the mo for $63. Plus, Saks is one of those stores with the unnecessary packaging which makes everything feel even more fancy. The writer of this article has this item in cart and will definitely be convincing herself she needs it for the rest of today. LOL?

Vintage Royal Wedding Tea Towels

Remember when Diana wanted to cancel the wedding and her sisters told her she couldn’t because her face was already on the tea towels? Well, now you can own one of those tea towels for 25% less. That’s right, those crafting bitches over at Etsy have really come good. There are a lot to choose from and while we can’t verify that they are authentic, they do look very 80’s so we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Battle Of The Brothers Book

Get the book EVERYONE is talking about for less at Walmart this Christmas. We haven’t read it yet but we’re totes going too. Honestly, even if it’s tezz and all fiction, we’re so despo for content over here that we’re going to force ourselves to enjoy it and we think you should too.

Meghan’s RBG Jumper

If you’re feeling a little political, we’ve got the jumper for you and it’s 20% cheaper this week. Meghan wore the grey t-shirt version which is borzo. We’re digging the garbage bin green oversized jumper more.

Solar Powered Waving Queen

You’re actually not allowed to call yourself a monarchist if you don’t own one of these. What’s not to love? It’s plastic Biz with a power panel in her handbag. Fucking iconic.

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