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Five Things You Need To Know About “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey”

1. Meghan’s outfits are really boring and LK finds it personally offensive. Say what you want about Boring Kate but she’s always on hand with a fascinator and a matching handbag. In Africa, we think Meghan was going for casual chic but unfortunately instead, looks like she accidentally put bleach instead of detergent in the machine when she was washing her Sunday Best and was therefore stuck with only her daggiest shirt dresses and platform wedges that would have been really cool if it was 2005. Come on’ Megs, get it together babe.

2. Harry has feelings. Some might say too many for a man who is supposedly on a mission to improve the plight of Africa’s most impoverished. I mean, mate, it’s not actually about you. And that’s this doc’s flaw really. It tries a bit to convince you you’re going to learn something about the world and the people in it, but really you’re just hearing Harry and Meghan have a whinge for a bit -- sure it’s entertaining but a total bait and switch.

3. We love Diana still. Undeniable highlight of the whole debacle is when they hark back to Diana being iconic and ending landmines and hugging children. One of the children even makes an appearance as a grown up in this doc and has named one of her daughters Diana. It’s gorg. And makes us miss her alot. Here was a woman who knew that her personal struggles needed to be aired, but also understood that there was a time and a place to do so and it wasn’t while on an official visit to one of the poorest countries in the world.

4. Tom Bradby was really excited to work on this. The whole time he talks like he’s about to step off an Apollo mission and onto the moon. Honestly we appreciate the high energy. At least someone on this shoot had his head in the game.

5. You don’t need to watch it. Despite being released less than a year ago it’s soooo dated. Harry and Meghan are still pretending that they care and yet we now know that behind the scenes they were already plotting their departure and picking out furniture for their Santa Monica pad (probably). Not to mention, all the crowds without masks give us COVID-19 anxiety. Oh what a year it has been!

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