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Here’s Why We Think Meghan Should Run For President In 2024

Well kids, whether there’s any truth to it or not, the net is a buzz with the idea of crowning our first ever Duchess President (Presidess?) Meghan of the United States of Chaos in 2024. Here’s why we’re into it:

She’s not Trump

Infact, he’s not even a fan of hers (gasp!). And while we’ve had our gripes with her attitude in the past (see: Destroying The Monarchy) it’s fair to assume that she’s put more thought into how to improve the lives of America’s people than the Don has. And has likely paid more taxes. We’ll stop here because political rants are borzo.

The Country Needs A Mum Like Doria

I mean, she’s a yogi social worker who runs an aged care home, knows when NOT to talk (Thomas Markle take note) and looks bloody great in Oscar de la Renta. Wait, maybe Doria for Prez?

Harry Would Make a Great First Man

He looks good in a suit, knows how to make small talk with dignitaries and doesn’t mind his wife taking the spotlight. Hasn’t it already been the Meghan show since they met?

She Seems Very, Very Organized

Have you even seen The Tig? (RIP) It’s manicured within an inch of its life. You better believe that behind every little font was a production meeting of Ivy league “thought leaders” who wouldn’t stop until that subheading beamed with intent. Major respect. Huge.

She Cares, Actually

We’re a little shy to admit this because we have made some previous outlandish comments about Meg’s need for attention, but she does also appear to have legitimate passion for issues we all should be thinking about like gender and racial equality.

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