ICYMI: Fergie’s Dresser Murdered Someone And Then Escaped From Prison

It goes like this. Between 1988 and 1997 Fergie employed a dresser named Jane. We think a dresser is kind of like a stylist who pretends to be your bestie but don’t worry about that now, let’s stay focused.

In 2001, Jane was arrested and charged with the murder of her boyfriend. For what it’s worth, this was not a murder of the sneaky variety - no cyanide in the earl grey - this was a stabby murder and there was a cricket bat there too.

But that’s not all. 2009 she ESCAPED and our girl Fergs had to be put under police guard. One source is quoted as saying Jane has “never forgiven Fergie for sacking her when she was forced to cut back on staff.” They caught her and threw her back in lockup. She eventually got released in 2015. There’s a documentary about it and everything.

AND THEN SHE WENT BACK TO PRISON. This time for breaching parole and stalking a married man. Now she’s out again but let’s see what happens. What a ride.

We’ll keep you posted on the next ep of We’ll Never Be Royals.

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