If all kids are as cute as Prince Louis how do we order one online..?

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So the royal family tradition of sharing a new pic of said royal with the world on their birthday is an absolute ripper. They get a cake and a party with aristocrats and we get a peak at what they really look like with a bit of help from photoshop. It’s a great deal.

While we do enjoy seeing the royals out and about shaking hands with the public and opening bridges - we absolutely froth a behind the scenes piccy. Kate has famously started taking her own family portraits in an effort to reduce her annual household bill. And look, we aren’t mad about it but we do find ourselves counting down the days to Kate’s birthday in the hope that it will finally be the year she throws away her dignity and gives us a sneaky pic of her in a sequin bolero, fringed catsuit and diamante choker. We’ll happily send her the links to all the ASOS products items, to make this dream come true if we need to! Alas, we wait in hope.

Anyway, if there was a competition for which annual royal birthday portrait we look forward to the most it’s 100% Prince Louis. Being the 2nd spare means Louis only job is to be cute and marry whichever American he wants so, there is no wonder this new birthday portrait of him on a pushy broke the internet!

Last year all he had to do was whack some rainbow paint on his hands and ovaries all over the world exploded. Prior to that a small facial expression was the only thing he needed to bring along with his good self.

We cannot with this Kid!!!

We could just keep adding pics of Prince Louis but here are some other great royal birthday portraits that have been released over the years.

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne for her Biz’s 90th

Prince William, George, Charlotte and Louis on Wills 38th Birthday

In happier times for Charle’s 70th birthday (from top left) Kate, Louis, Wills, Harry, Megs, George, Fred, Gladys and Charlotte

Charles, Wills and Diana on no one's birthday - just cute

Royal Family News

Obviously, we can’t get enough royal family portraits but let us know if you have any thoughts re: Louis being the cutest royal ever! Drop us a line at

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