Is Meg Preg?

So Megs this week had her court date with a lousy newspaper - who published her personal letter to her own father, pushed back from Jan 2021 to October. Which is nine months and that number, nine, has royal enthusiasts all over the world thinking ‘is Megs preg?’

The internet is speculating about Megs being pregs with a #megxit baby and LK and Rossy are all about it. What’s the gender, how will they pick a USA/Megxit appropriate name to stick it to the Windsor’s and when is it due?! Well get to all that but first, let's examine the evidence.

Here are the top 3 reasons we reckon Megs is preg:

1. Pushed back the court date in the UK

So this is what got the rumour mill churning and it’s legit a good reason to think Megs could be preg. If she is potentially already a few months preg this would give her enough time to do a bit of breastfeeding make sure her vagina isn’t going to fall out and then get herself in a basic bitch wrap dress and a pair of wedge espadrilles and on a plane ready for the October court date. Fair play.

2. Loose-fitting clothes

Maybe it’s the warmer climate in California or the fact that megs no longer has to adhere to British royal family dress code but Meghan has been spotted in many a Zoom call wearing loose-fitting shirts instead of her usual tight classic cut basic-bitch fitting dress. Also on their double date with David Foster and Katharine McPhee, Megs was wearing her trench draped over her shoulders and, a sensible shoe.

3. Harry leaves fertility clinic

This is a big one. Harry has been spotted in Beverly Hills leaving a building that houses a fertility clinic holding an item that looks remarkably like a trigger shot. Need we say more?

Ok just a little bit more…

Also this week we found out that William had the rona. back in March. Emphasis on the had. Because if we’ve learnt anything this year it’s that it is virtual for everyone who tests positive to the rona to tell people so they don’t spread it. For Wills and The Firm to conceal this info seems odd given how many people have suffered for a Chinese delicacy. As well as minimising stigma and promoting the fact that this is not just an old person disease. Anyway, the reason for Wills not telling anyone ie) the media, is unknown. However, LK has a pretty good theory that it might be to reduce panic after Charles was also diagnosed with the rona (but he told people) and George is too young to be the crown and Harry has pissed off to America and is spruiking democracy. So yeah, maybe that’s the reason but also not cool.

Meg’s fan club is particularly shitting about William keeping this on the DL as when Megs was preg with Archie, she got a lot of heat for not telling anyone ie) the media about the delivery date or sending an invite to the christening. One person took to Twitter and this is what they said:

“As the philosopher Michael Jordan said, I took that personally. She was expected to show every inch of her uterus but Prince William can hide COVID-19 & alleged affairs.”

We hear you sister.

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