Just some of the good things Jacinda Ardern has done

Legit KWEEN of the world is an actual political hero but also just a down to earth sheila from the country who rolls up her sleeves and gets stuff done. Jacinda Ardern’s first part-time job at a fish and chips shop and growing up she had a pet lamb named Reggie. Her old man was a police officer and her Mum worked in the school canteen. Now she runs New Zealander and let’s face it if she was allowed she’d be running the whole world. The world media refers to ’JacindMania’ or the ‘Jacinda Effect' any time she does something good. Which is all the bloody time.

Here are some of the good things Jacinda Ardern has done:

Gender pay gap

We don't need to tell you just how shit house the gender pay gap is. Imagine doing the exact same job as someone but they got paid more to do it just because they had a penis. I’m sure you don’t even have to imagine this because it’s an IRL problem. A big problem so Jacinda made it easier for everyone in NZ to go to their boss and say ‘Hey mate - pay the same as him..!’.

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Zero emissions by 2050

Making a statement like ‘this whole country I run is going to pull up its socks and aim for zero carbon emissions by 2050!’ (not a direct quote) is not something most world leaders would be prepared to do. But Jacinda and her NZ policy legends have passed a bill to say that’s what they are aiming for and the ‘All Blacks’ and the rest of the country are on board.

Marched in a parade at Mardi Gras

Yeah, she did! When all the other Prime Ministers said they were working, busy and or sick for Mardi Gras - Jacinda whacked on a sequin beret and danced in front of an over-decorated float. Being the first NZ Prime Minister to make this move we are almost positive we will never see a Mardi Gras appearance from BoJo or Sco Mo.

Free period products in schools

It’s sad that this is something to get excited about and celebrate, and the truth is period products should be free everywhere! But Jacinda has made it a thing in NZ schools and we can only hope this becomes a normal mandatory school supply the world over. Like who needs sports equipment? We need period products!!!

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