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King George III was heaps good at taxes and fancy gold plated stagecoaches - ROYAL FAMILY NEWS

Looking for the latest royal family news? Get all the tea from Buckingham Palace with LK and Rossy!

Well if you’re going to be known for something it might as well be gold plated stagecoaches and taxing the shit out of the Americans. Right?

LK and Rossy are checking out King George III on this week's pod and discover why he was so keen on a tax and where all that money went.

King George III is best known for his involvement in the American war of independence and his very expensive taste. He was the bloke in charge of Great Britain from 1760 to 1801 and after the Brits kicked off with France about who was going to be the boss of America he fell in love with the idea of being in charge. This battle of the Europeans is better known as the Seven Years War that went for preciscely seven years.

After all the fighting with the French, King George checked his coin purse and discovered he was broke, so he thought why not start taxing sugar in America? Great idea everyone loved sugar in the 1700’s! Other than opium, how else do you get a high? Anyway, that was OK for a bit but he needed more money so he introduced the Stamp Act which taxed papers, documents, and playing cards. Jesus! You can’t even play a game of ‘snap’ without getting taxed?!

Still that wasn't enough and Georgie hit peak crazy tax ideas with a tea tax! This is where the Boston Tea Party comes in and basically - in protest of these taxes some angry blokes in Boston (who presumably didn’t drink tea anyway) dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbour. What a waste and also Americans don’t really drink tea so how big of a protest is this? It’s like throwing out all the fruit and veggies in your fridge because you got overcharged for them at the organic market. Makes no sense.

Anyway back to King George who has now cleared his debts and lost America.So all he can spend his cash on now is purchasing Buckingham Palace for his wife, so she has somewhere to stay in London and commissions a gold plated stagecoach so she can get to the shops. So it ain't all bad.

Except King George ends up mad and dies at age 81 - deaf, blind and insane.



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