Meghan in court with trashies

Guys, remember when all we cared about was Megs and her crazy family? Except Doria - she’s gorge (and friends with Oprah). Well, before the rona, before Megxit and even before LK invested in Lashify fake eyelashes (which are apparently the shit and all you do is pop them on under your real lashes and they look so lush and last about a week - amazing!), all we cared about was what the tabloids were saying about Thomas Markle. Or more accurately what Samantha Markle was saying about what Meghan was thinking about saying about Thomas Markle.

Anyway, there was a letter that Meghan wrote her Dad, Thomas (keep up!). A very private letter, telling him she still loved him but - like pls stop with tabloids because basically it’s ruining my life and if it doesn’t stop I might have to quit the royal family. Okay, okay this is mostly speculation but also look what happened after the letter was written?! Tabloids continue being dicks and Harry and Megs tell Biz she can get stuffed!

Anyway, anyway, the tabloids get their slimy hands on a copy of the letter (how did this happen..? We don’t know..? Maybe you should ask your boi Omid Scobie - author of ‘Finding Freedom’, cos he probably has the same source for his account of very private details about Harry and Megs life... hmm), and of course they publish the letter which is why Meghan has been in court this week, trying to sort it all out.

OK, soooo the court date has been pushed back a couple of times but Meg’s lawyer rocked up to court on Tuesday seeking damages from Mail on Sunday and MailOnline publisher - Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) on Meg’s behalf for the: misuse of private information and alleged breach of copyright.

Which sounds pretty serious.

Meg’s fancy lawyer named Justin Rushbrooke QC read out the final part of the letter which wasn’t previously published, in what we assume was his best Californian/lived in Canada for a time/also lived in London so definitely has a slight refined cockney Megs accent:

“I ask for nothing other than peace. And I wish the same for you.”

Then Justin and the lawyer from ANL get into it about if it should have been assumed that the handwritten letter Megs penned to her father was private and if not then is it suitable for publication and public consumption.

We’ll let you know how it pans out.

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