#MegsforPrez Campaign update with Clarky

Guys, we are fancy now. We have a guest joining us for this episode. Fellow Aussie and US political tragic - Sam ‘Clarky’ Clark joins us from lockdown in NYC to chat all things presidential campaigns. We want to know how Megs is travelling in terms of her 2024 campaign progress. Find out if it is a reality and all the things she needs to do to get there.

LK and Rossy have a semi-sit down this week and ask all the questions to Clarky about US presidential campaigns and the chances of Meg taking office in 2024. Here’s all the deets.

How do US elections and election campaign financing work?

Clarky kicks off by giving us a quick guide of the US Constitution and the bill of rights. In an attempt to keep up Rossy sings the lyrics to ‘Hamilton’ in her head - ‘Look back at the Bill of Rights, Which I wrote. The ink hasn't dried’. Luckily Clarky has all the tea on how much coin can actually be contributed to a presidential campaign, and this grabs Rossy’s attention again. Basically, $2800 is the maximum amount a US citizen can donate to a campaign. Seems not that much hey? Well, to counter that stingy amount the candidates rely on these committees called PAC’s or Super PAC’s and they allow campaigns to raise unlimited funds on behalf of a candidate. While they are not allowed to coordinate with the candidate directly, they love to send smoke signals via the press. Are you still with us? You better be cos it’s about to get interesting.

As a presidential candidate, you can, however, use as much of your own money as you like. And if you happen to be from a family worth $88 billion USD then you’d be laughing. Megs could essentially call in a favour to her father in law - Prince Charles, who apparently likes her, and ask him to write her a cheque and bingo! Presidential campaign bankrolled. Tick.

Moving on.

What are the chances of Biden doing two terms?

Considering Biden is already old as balls and the ageing affect the Whitehouse has on a person, reelection in 4 years is unlikely. It’s almost certain he’ll have a sit down after one term. So that means only 4 years of Biden in the top job. Great news for Megs.

What about Kamala? Would she pick Meghan as a running mate?

Clarky reckons incumbency is a big deal and Kamala would have a massive leg up as the hot favourite for 2024 candidate. So before the general election they’d need to all go back to the primary election to pick which nominee is actually the hot favourite. Then once the favourite is decided, said favourite chooses the 2nd favourite as a running mate to balance the ticket. Which basically means - picking the person who will get them the most votes. They don’t really have to be mates.

As far as ‘balancing the ticket’ goes, Meghan and Kamal both fit the younger female of colour quota so they are essentially going after the same voters. Picking your running mate is all about picking up votes that you wouldn’t necessarily get yourself. So, Rossy had an idea that perhaps Meghan should convert back to Judaism and capture the ‘I’ve also been unjustly wronged in my life’ voters. And Harry could take one for the team, and finally get himself a DNA test, reveal to the world his real Dad is James Hewitt and then Megs could also pick up the ‘I’ve been lied to my whole life’ voters. Sorted.

Do we reckon Meghan has a shot?

Well unfortunately, Clarky does not reckon that Meghan has a real shot for 2024. Apart from Trump most presidents have had some kind of political career prior to taking office. But it’s a great time to do some good stuff politically and for Meg’s to draw on her Duchess status, cos American’s love that shit. So while 2024 might not be looking good, all the political messages Megs has been sending us the last few months could all come together and kick start a career in public service for the former actress/senior member of the British royal family.

As well as starting our own version of QAnon Clarky suggested we also kick start a write-in campaign for Meghan. Apparently writing down any name on a ballot paper is allowed in US elections and better yet people have actually been elected this way. Unfortunately for Kanye, he did not get elected as a write-in candidate but it legit happens and probs wouldn’t cost a billion bucks in campaigning. So, LK has added this to the Trello board: ’Make Megs Prez with write-in campaign’.

Stay tuned.

Check out more about Clarky on his YouTube channel - Sam Speaks.

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