Want to know the reason for Megxit and all the factors leading up to Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave the Royal family? Yeah..? So do we! This week LK and Rossy are chatting Megxit and a lot about Meghan’s life before she met Harry. They also discuss how Harry feels about his Mum and William and why on earth Meghan joined the most traditional family in the world despite being a progressive, independent, self-made woman. Rossy also discovers why she is so irritated by Meghan and is stitched up yet again by the world’s most embarrassing Cruise Marry Shag.


God we love the person who came up with the term megxit. Imagine having the quick wit and balls to coin a phrase that is equally important to pop-culture as it is to politics on a global scale. What a rippa way to be remembered as a human being. For comically defining what would have been the biggest moment in the calendar year except some idiot ate a bat and that has taken precedence over Meghan and Harry resigning from their family. Shit hey.

Anyway, so Megxit happened on the 8th of January 2020 and without all this Coronavirus bullshit Rossy would literally still be banging on about how outraged she is about it. Luckily, she has been able to gain some perspective and has decided to gear her focus towards the lead up to Megxit and what factors may have contributed to Meghan’s manipulation of her new husband Harry. All speculative of course, but that is how we roll.

The new/old Husbands

Yes, that’s right - we are saying new husband because Meghan’s old husband or (baked beans husband) Trevor Engelson knows all too well how strong-willed Meghan is, having spent the majority of their marriage in separate countries. Some of you might know that shortly after tying the knot with Trev, Megs lands a role on the TV show Suits. Which, as we all know, is filmed in Toronto and thus begins the start of newly-wed woman living abroad from her husband and developing a true connection to a Commonwealth country which in turn led her to discover a love of the Union Jack its people and the savages who seek employment at the brutal British tabloids. Basically. As perhaps only Rossy knows, life before the Commonwealth for Meghan was full of ambition and independence and from what we’ve seen so far, that’s how things will stay.

Fun facts

The interweb is choc-a-block full of fun facts about Meghan Markle and chances are if you’re already reading this you will know most of them. But the hard-core Maghan followers will know all about her time she pretended to study ‘Communications’ at Northwestern University, that time she was on ‘Deal or No Deal’ and of course when she named her lifestyle blog The Tig after a bottle of wine! LK finds a quiz online and we discover that Rossy is basically Meghan’s twin and if Marketing Director Billy were he'd say that is precisely why Rossy is so outraged by Megs. Because Rossy sees herself in Megs and doesn’t like it. She would, however, like her wardrobe…

How about Harry..?

So turns out the media are really good at doing their job and have reported almost everything we ever needed to know (and more) about Harry. In hindsight, the African Journey documentary is the beginning of the end. If Queen Biz knew all this was going to happen she probably would never have agreed to bankroll the wedding or the remodel at Frogmore Cottage. All this bad publicity for the royal family and it’s caused by the one family member who isn’t even really a royal (remember that bloke James Hewitt and how Rossy reckons he is Harry’s biological Dad).

Cruise Marry Shag

In what could be the worst possible CMS of the year LK stitches Rossy up by making her choose between Thomas Markle, Doria Ragland and Samantha Markle. Although Rossy wishes she could choose Doria for every option with her make-up and yoga skills playing to her advantage, unlike the fairytale romance of Harry and Megan there is no happy ending to this segment.

Anyway, that was Megxit.

Before you head off... if you fancy reading the very good, but lengthy, Vanity Fair article Rossy bangs on about - click HERE.

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