More evidence to suggest #megsforprez is a thing!

If there was ever a rumour about Meghan Markle that we want to be true, it is that she is legit going to run for president in 2024. Not president of a local cricket club or some bullshit charity that brings together the wilderness and retired gamers but President of the United States of America!

Gee whiz Rossy is all g’eed up about this, so you better be as well!

Royal expert Steven Heritage reckons the writing is on the wall in terms of Meg’s political ambitions. And Rossy, is thrilled to the back teeth, but also not letting go of the idea of initiating a write in campaign for Megs.

Heritage suspects that this could all go tits up as the transition from actress to royal public figure to political leader is tough and has never been done well to date. But look mate, if we go off that no one would ever get anything done. So chill your jets and get ready to stock up on your #megsfroprez merch OK?

According to bugalugs Heritage the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have recently jumped on a Zoom call with California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Seems suss..?

Heritage also claims: ‘Five weeks before Megxit, she invited Hillary Clinton to Windsor for a chat’. What do you think they were chatting about? How accurate The West Wing is? Or where is the best place to get a curry in SW1A? Who knows but we can only speculate it was all about 2024 presidential things.

But perhaps the move from the palace to the Whitehouse will happen organically - with a little encouragement from Kamala Harris via Twitter.

...Could we possibly add any more hyperlinks to this article?

Anyway - #megsforprez get on board!

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