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Prince Andrew - Part Two

Rossy has been checking the data from the podcast and it seems that you lot all love Prince Andrew! Week after week Prince Andrew ranks as our number one episode and why wouldn’t it?! He’s more than just that scallywag who has clocked up too many air miles and divorced the true Kween of England Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson. He’s on US Attorney Bill Barr’s shit list for his suspected involvement in a child sex trafficking ring, and if Queen Biz thought 1992 was bad, well 2020 is her to kick her in the bum.

Google gives us over 10 pages of content ALL relating to Prince Andrew’s entanglement (for lack of a better word) with Geoffrey Epstein. As Ghislain Maxwell is forced out of her New Hampshire hideaway and it now seems His Royal Heartthrob's time is up.

LK and Rossy start by asking the interweb about Ghislaine's past and discover that she has been a long time mate of Prince Andrew’s. Reportedly since college but then another part of the internet reckons Andrew never went to college so that is confusing. Ghislaine is also from an uber-rich family who keep their trust funds securely managed by the Liechtenstein royal family’s bank. Which is equal parts ‘yikes’ and also ‘ohhhh that makes sense’.

Ghislaine’s father was a disgraced publishing tycoon who was found dead in the water next to his yacht, named ‘Lady Ghislaine’ on the way to the Canary Islands in 1991. Safe to say Ghislaine was his favourite and was pivotal in organising his ill-fated affairs. However, she managed to escape having to deal with paying back the money her father stole from his companies pension funds to save his other companies from bankruptcy. Classic robbing Peter to pay Paul here guys. Anyway, enough about Bobby Maxwell.

Prince Andrew was introduced to Epstein by Ghislaine in 1999 and this picture of her and Kevin Spacey sitting on the British throne must have Queen Biz fuming. Fuken fuming!

AND Ghislaine and Epstein were invited guests to Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday. Ewww. Basically, Prince Andrew is going to have a hard time denying his involvement any longer and he must be shitting his pants about being the next on the chopping block.

Also, the internet suspects Ghislain Maxwell is in the background of this picture of beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey (you know the one that was murdered on Christmas day in 1996) and you better believe LK spent her weekend Googling other Ghislaine Maxwell conspiracy theories.

Anyway, when faced with the question ‘what you think is going to happen to Prince Andrew?’ Rossy keeps it simple. Diddly squat. LK, as ever, is more optimistic and hopeful that justice will prevail, Prince Andrew will have his day in court … and at any given moment the coronavirus vaccine is going to be distributed evenly and abundantly to every citizen of the world regardless of their race, sex, personal wealth, or political ideas.


We’ll keep you updated on the Prince Andrew situ though.

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