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Queen Biz and the Palace start a heaps good media war with #Megxit

So, just when you thought this Oprah interview was over, the palace have launched their cunning response with the best weapon they have in their royal artillery - Prince William. Queen Biz has sent out her press secretary and all the British tabloids have started to shit themselves with excitement.

First up, The Sunday Times royal reporter Roya Nikkhah penned an article ‘bigging up’ the future King and his dedication to his people. While you can’t read the whole article unless you are a subscriber to The Sunday Times, we know it’s full of fluff just by looking at the shining picture of William in his fancy military outfit. If we didn’t know any better we’d think this was a PR stunt coordinated by Queen Biz and her minions at the palace..?!

Next we have some news about the HR department, who have also been busy, leaking that the palace is considering appointing a diversity chief. This was appaz already on the agenda prior to the Oprah interview where Meghan accused the royal family of being racist. But we reckon the timing of this announcement is all class and not at all considered a response to basically every media outlet in the world highlighting this key #megxit takeaway.

Prince William was also wheeled out again a few days later - in a very trendy bright orange sweater (... take note Kate) to appear on Comic Relief to talk about mental health. While he is copping a bit of a hiding in the British press for perhaps being a hypocrite, it was seen as a friendly reminder that Prince William has been a campaigner for Heads Together for ages.

Finally, a mate of Prince William’s has jumped to his defense in an article published in The Telegraph - and the headline says it all really: ‘Prince William is no racist!’. The op ed from Seyi Obakin, CEO of homeless charity Centrepoint claims to have really got to know Prince William that time they both had to sleep under a bridge and during the 15 years Wills has been a patron for his charity.

Anyway, we love that Queen Biz and the palace have started this heaps good media war and we can’t wait to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves.

Stand by for more updates.

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