Queen Elizabeth gets 2 x B’day parties AND the crown, so why god didn't this happen to me.?!

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While we are all about having a Birthday week, Queen Biz is signed up for having 2 birthdays as well as her very own Birthday parade which is really giving me the shits because us mortals only get one day and and if we are lucky a mud cake from Woolies.

This birthday parade Biz gets is better known as ‘Trooping of the Colour’ and due to the rona Biz has had to forgo her public birthday party for the last 2 years. Which she is probably equal parts happy and fuming about.

The annual OTT birthday parade has been marking the monarch’s birthday for the last 260 years. Because the weather in the UK is notably shitful all year round, but especially in winter, the crown's birthday parade is always held in Summer. But we do wonder if this will happen to Wills when he takes the throne, as his birthday lands perfectly on June 21 which is (maybe) the only day of the year with beaut weather in the UK..?

Anyway Queen Elizabeth gets 2 x B’day parties AND the crown and I will continue to let people cut in front of me at the supermarket in the hope that it will win me enough karma points with the universe to ensure I come back as the british monarch in my next life.

Also, in Australia Biz gets 3 x birthdays as some public servants from Queensland got together with some other public servants in Western Australia and they decided they would schedule Biz’ extra birthday on an entirely different day. So that must be why we will never be able to leave the Commonwealth..?

Anyway, whether it’s one day or three, we just wanted to say ‘Happy Birthday Biz’!

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