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Queen Elizabeth launches her new beer so let’s all ‘get on the beers’ - ROYAL FAMILY NEWS

Looking for the latest royal family news? Get all the tea from Buckingham Palace with LK and Rossy!

Ok guys! As we know Biz and all of the Royal family are said to be absolute piss pots amd is there’s one thing they know that’s a good drop of a top shelf alcohol. With their own Champagne, wine, gin and whiskey lines, there was only one thing missing from their booze stable. Beer.

The Sandringham Estate brews are made from organic barley on the royal family’s estate. And Biz’s latest business venture is one LK and Rossy are more than willing to support.

Now while you might be imagining Biz wearing her wellies in the brew house she is not actually contributing to the labour of brewing the beer but allowing the use of her plants grown on Sandringham estate to be used in the brewing process. Also, apparently Sandringham Estate brings in a lot of coin for the royal family which is now estimated to be worth $500 mil USD. Wowsers!

LK and Rossy have previously documented the failed use of a graphic designer on Fiver when Harry and Meghan launched their website and it seems Biz has also fallen for the same trap here. Using hares and pheasants for the label artwork is hardly appealing to the royal adjacent market.

We want jewels and scandal not farm animals. Jesus!

Finally it seems that unfortunately, Biz has not got her arse into gear about setting up an online store so for now the Golden Indian Pale Ale and cold-filtered English varieties are only available in the UK.

Royal family news

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