Queen strips Harry of military honours and ... ouch!

Biz has dropped another #megxit bomb this week informing Harry that along with the royal patronages (which are rumored to be passed mainly on to the Edward and Sophie - the favourites), he may also lose his much loved military honours.

As we all know Harry is very proud of his time served in the military and he really cracked the sads when the New Idea leaked a story about him being in Afghanistan in 2008. Which ultimately led to Harry having to pack his bags and go back to London. But it ain't all bad because he got some sweet honorary titles which Harry really frothed.

But now he and Meghan have high tailed it to the US and ‘stepped back’ from being senior members of the royal family, it looks like Biz is not too keen on letting them keep any of the good stuff.

We’ve already seen them re-pay the cost of the refurb on their marital abode - Frogmore Cottage and their patronages will likely be passed onto the other ‘working’ royals. And, well these military honours are having to go back into the cupboard with the tiaras that no one ever gets to look at.

Here is a comprehensive-detailed-easy-to-understand list of ceremonial military titles Prince Harry is about to lose:

  • Captain-General Royal Marines (Phil the Greek passed this one on to Harry)

  • Honorary Air Commandant, RAF Honington

  • Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command

Perhaps Harry can look at getting some other regular people honours like:

  • Cool Dad who takes you to Maccas (... just promise not to tell Mum)

  • Club Best and Fairest MonteCito bowls association

  • Nobel Peace Prize

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