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Rates for Mates: 'Diana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words'

We are really loving these Rates for Mates eps so we have pumped out yer another and gee whiz it’s the ultimate British Royal family scandal EVAH! That’s right we are heading back to the early 90’s and retracing the catastrophic marriage of Charles and Diana.

So this week LK and Rossy (almost) read Andrew Morton’s ‘Diana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words’ and to be honest it was (almost) good.

Keep in mind this was a groundbreaking biography when it was published in 1992. Queen Biz and the British Royal family shit themselves when Andrew Morton revealed so many of Diana’s secrets. But how did he know about all this high-end couture dirty laundry?! Well, Diana was in on the scandal and secretly recorded her story - in her own words and snuck it out of the palace and into Morton’s hot little hands.

Imagine if you were reading this in 1992 and if you were in fact Diana’s mother-in-law and the Crown. You’d be pretty shitty. And while Diana spends a lot of time whinging about her terrible marriage and her struggle to feel comfortable in her new family she does love her role in the royal family and is very dutiful ... and beautiful. But we totally get why Biz and Phillip were constantly rolling their eyes for the best part of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

LK and Rossy both listen to this on audiobook and LK had a little bit of trouble staying awake and Rossy is still filthy about 28 ‘worst-Australian-economy-since-the-second-world-war’ dollars on the 25th-anniversary special edition. They strongly recommend that if pando continues and we get 24 months in then you should give this book a go, But if it turns out this Chinese virus is just a media beat-up (as suspected by the Trump administration) then give it a miss.

How many stars are we giving it?

5 stars in 1992 but now we are in 2020 we’d only give it 2.

Should you read it?

If you’re like us and consider Andrew Morton a god-like figure in royal news and this biography a base text then yes you should absolutely read it!

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