Rates For Mates - Finding Freedom

Ok mate, get excited because LK and Rossy are FI-NA-LLY ready to review the glorious spectacle that is Finding Freedom: The Making Of A Modern Royal Family. You should defs listen to the ep because it’s a bit of a lol (if we may say so ourselves). To get you in the mood though, here are our five key takeaways.

1. Meghan’s family are tezz. Like really. Except for Doria who is a total darl and we’ll take yoga lessons off her anytime. The rest of them though, what a shit show. Papa Thomas comes off at first as a little dim witted, and later as a lot deranged and to this day will not shut the hell up. Meanwhile, Sister Samantha ain’t going to stop with her bullshit until someone is bleeding. It’s all very sad and also makes for a great read.

2. It’s someone’s full time job to play with the Queen’s jewelry. According to the book, this woman Angie is the Queen’s best mate and spends her days fluffing up the velvet pillows all the tiaras sit on. Iconic. Angie did find herself in a bit of hot water though when she refused to let Maghan take her tiara to the wedding hair trial. Harry was in a rage, and we all know there is no fury like a ginger scorned.

3. Eugenie WAS mad that Harry and Megs “ruined” her wedding by announcing their pregnancy news. Fair call, we reckon. Especially because Harry and Eugenie have always been besties and she seems like one of the most fun ones.

4. Christmas with the royals is all about outfit changes and turkeys but actually the menu sounds more exhausting than delicious. Also once William gave the Queen slippers with her face on them which is truly iconic on every level.

5. Rossy still thinks Meghan is going to run for President one day because she’s a dual citizen of both the USA and Britain. LK’s not so sure but would still encourage every American she knows to vote for Megs because imagine the outfits (and large scale improvements to democracy itself compared to where we are now #political)

Anyway, really do have a listen if you love Harry, Meghan and / or long winded conversations about body hair.

See you all of a sudden!

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