Rates for Mates - 'Her Heart for a Compass' (Aka Fergie's dirty novel)

So we purchased and read (... OK listened to on audiobook - same thing) Fergie’s not so sexy novel - ‘Her Heart for a Compass’ and spoiler alert it’s pretty ordinary. While Fergie claims this book was 15 years in the making it is also known that she has used a ghostwriter. So we had high hopes and look, the writing ain’t bad but the storyline is boring and the content is hard to connect to. Mills and Boon, however, took the opportunity to purchase the rights to Fergie’s book and the jokes on us - because we both paid $30 each to be able to write this review!

What we did like?

Umm… what did we like? The shade of purple on the cover? The narrowly funded publicity tour featuring Fergie and a worrying ‘to camera’ piece where she attempts to explain what the book is about. What did we like..? Come back to me.

What we didn’t like.

Basically all of it. Except LK loved all the historical stuff that was actually real. But like isn’t that what an encyclopedia is for? If we are paying $30 for a sexy novel we want scandal, a sexy incident with someone inappropriate, and perhaps an appearance from a unicorn!

Would we recommend it?

Yes, but only to your Mum because the sexy content is non-existent (even though it's a dirty novel… Fergie clearly missed the brief).

How many stars?

Rossy reckons 1 maybe 1.5 but LK gives Fergie 2.5 stars just for turning up.

Here are some other sexy novels that we actually recommend:

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