Rates for Mates - The Heir Affair

So we read a book - The Heir Affair and we wanted to tell you that it’s a beaut read, a perfect holiday read actually, and also we have plans to kidnap the authors’ lives. Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan are exactly who we want to be when we grow up. Because they too are obsessed with Royal fodder and they get into Twitter feuds with Hollywood celebrities.

The Heir Affair is the sequel to The Royal We and again Heather and Jessica get some serious street cred for writing a novel about an American coming into the British Royal family and blowing it up. In fact, did they predict the Harry and Meghan saga...? The Royal We was published in … 2015 and if they’re anything like us they started writing it in like, 2000. Long before Meghan Markle had even shared a Pimm’s with Prince Harry.

They got the timing of this second book right too and it’s kind of like if:

  • The Queen mother was still alive, on Twitter and obsessed with Idris Elba

  • Diana was still alive but a recluse

  • William had married Meghan and then Harry had made a pass at her (yikes)

  • Charles was straight up an asshole without being a sneaky bit charming

  • We actually got to find out shit about Margaret

  • Andrew was more stupid than creep (but also had a hot young wife)

… And Harry donated the sperm for George (are we allowed to spoil this bit..?)

Our favourite bits include the Belgian royals family paternity scandal and we also love the dutch royal angle. When can we get the book on Daphne’s kidnapping? As well as when the bit when the Cubs won the World Series. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true British royal family scandal without the mention of Andrew Morton.

So, if like us, you love the Royals and scandal, and the idea of the Queen Mum being a hoot then you should read this book. LK and Rossy give The Heir Affair 5 and a half stars (the extra half for the subtle Megxit symmetry).

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