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Ok first of all, if you run a 7 day trial on Apple TV to watch this bad boy make sure you set a reminder in your calendar to cancel, or (like Rossy!) you will be billed for a whole year! And there are only 2 seasons of Ted Lasso so it’s not going to take you a year to get through that.

Secondly, if you are here for a LOL then keep on walking, cos this is not a light-hearted experience. Oprah and Prince Harry really take the subject of mental health seriously and we think that is definitely a good thing but also totally fine for you to not want to binge-watch this series in your free time.

Listen to the full review in this week's ep - Rates for Mates ‘The me you can’t see’ or if you just want to read the key takeaways then here you bloody go!

What did you like?

Harry is very open and articulate and clearly explains his struggles and why he needed to do something about it. Which is so good and more people, not just celebrities, should defs do that. But why isn’t he saying this stuff to the world via his largely televised Oprah interview or the podcast chart topping guest spot with Dax Shepard? It’s a huge part of his story and (actually) why he left Biz and the rest of the royal family. It makes complete sense, and is an important valid message, it’s just disappointing he saved it for this series.

TBH, the absolute best bit is that Harry is 100% James Hewitt’s son (according to us!).

What didn’t you like?

This series should in no way be considered an entertainment source. It’s pretty intense and if you’re looking for an escape try the aforementioned Ted Lasso. Also, the internet believes that while the key moral of this tv series is that you need to go to therapy, not everyone has access to therapy and we tend to agree that is a bit shit. So, it’s a good start but also problematic.

How many stars would you give it mate?

Rossy loved it and except for Harry's belt choice, she couldn’t fault it so she gave it 4.5 stars. LK (who didn't watch the entire series because it was too intense) only gives it 2.5 stars but would give it 5 stars if she was studying it in year 9 SOSE*.

Also, if you just want to watch the Harry bits then check out this very helpful YouTube Channel, of just the Harry bits.

*SOSE - is the Victorian education system's version of social studies in the late 90’s. The subject was largely an absolute bludge and most students learned jack shit about geography/culture and or any other skills that come in handy for life.


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