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Rates for Mates: The Royal Family Youtube Channel

So we bet you’re all just sitting around wondering what the official British royal family Youtube channel is like, so we are here to tell you.

1st off the Brits (as usual) are pretty confident that their royals are the only royals anyone is interested in and while Fred and Mary from Denmark do give them a run for their money it is a fairly accurate assumption.

Best things to watch

The weddings. Kate’s wedding and Meghan’s wedding are so lush that we could watch them over and over. LK however, wants there to be commentary from Dickie Arbiter or the current boss of the Queen’s tiaras so we get maximum details about all the guests. Rossy suggests simultaneously playing the Bridgerton soundtrack while watching.

For the love of fuck don’t click

Anything with the title ‘Clarence House’. If you don’t know - this is where Charles and Camilla live. Despite rumours of the future King and his second wife seeking a council permit for an extension for a sex dungeon there is really nothing interesting ever going on at that crib.

Interesting discovery

So if you click on the about tab, you’ll find a list of royal family related websites including:



  • ..? (this is Harry’s website before he married Meghan and if you click the link you just get redirected back to - without any explanation which is exact same thing they did to us with #megxit

How many stars are we giving it?

After not much consideration LK and ROssy only give The Royal Family Youtube Channel 2 maybe 2.5 stars. This is out of 5 btw - not 100.

Should you watch it?

Nah. We reckon you should give it a miss.

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