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ROYAL FAMILY NEWS: Archie is two, adorable and probably going to have a weird accent

Looking for the latest royal family news? Get all the tea from Buckingham Palace with LK and Rossy!

Happy birthday, A-man and Christ what a life so far. Put the kettle on and let’s take a look back at the non-titled royal’s most iconic moments (lol, he’s 2!).

That time he was revealed to the world not on the steps of a hospital. You’ve probably forgotten but the press hasn’t. Neither have Harry and Megs, sharing in Finding Freedom that they only didn’t follow that piece of protocol because they weren’t asked. Shrug emoji

That time he met Desmond Tutu. Not a great business trip for Meghan, sure but what a get for the Arch-Man

Hanging with the fam. And by the fam, we mean Her Maj The Kween Biz, our almighty ruler. Chill. Also remember the Sussex Royal insta account? Ha!

Going to the polo with the cousins in the before times. And by before times we mean pre-pandemic and also pre Mum and Dad attempting to bring down a literal dynasty


Beach time with the other Queen, The Duchess of Harpo. God, can you imagine meeting Oprah before you’re two? What a kick.


To keep up with all the royal cool kids, tune into We’ll Never Be Royals wherever you stream your pods.

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