ROYAL FAMILY NEWS - Praise Jesus! We Reckon Kate Has A New Stylist

Looking for the latest royal family news? Get all the tea from Buckingham Palace with LK and Rossy!

So it would appear a silver lining of the whole Megxit sitch has emerged and the firm have funnelled the wad of cash they had set aside for Meghan’s wardrobe straight to Kate and a fancy new stylist because the Duchess of C is look babin’ of late. I mean, we could be wrong given that there’s been no announcement from the Palace but take a look at these photos from the mini trip to Scotland. Just look at them! Jesus H, she’s amazing. We always knew you had it in you, babz.

Beige But Not Boring

Yes, it’s beige but it’s so fun. And trust us when we say that the wide leg pant is not easy to pull off post 30 and yet look at her go! And the tartan scarf because Scotland, STOP IT!

Off-Season Zara

So that fab blazer is from Zara a few years’ back and it matches her mask and somehow looks like a power suit, but like a really polite and regal power suit. We’re defs going to copy if we ever leave the house again.

Stripes Because She’s Not Afraid To Be Fun Anymore!

Stripes and flats in the same day. A woman after our own heart.

Skinny Jeans

Because she’s a millennial and fuck Gen Z!

Tartan Again Because It’s Scotland, Bitches

And so much colour we could just die of joy.


Because the stripes weren’t enough and there’s no stopping the Queen now.


And a classic tennis look because she can and she will and she wins everything.

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