ROYAL FAMILY NEWS - Prince Michael’s Dodginess Explained

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Righto. You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.

Who’s Prince Michael? Biz’s cousin. Too easy. Let’s move on.

Why’s he being dodgy? Probably because he’s lived his whole life boozing on yachts and not checking his privilege.

What dodgy shit is he doing? Ok, first. Quick refresher. Prince Michael of Kent and Princess Michael of Kent are two different people who are married to each other. It’s a whole thing. Anyway, Princess Michael is the racist one. Whole other thing.

Back to Prince Michael. He’s up shit creek this week because an undercover investigation alleges that he sold his royal access and connections to Putin. And there’s video of it.

He’s all denying it, as you would, but babe Zoom don’t lie. He reckons he doesn’t have any connection to Putin but then his grandparents were cousins of the Russian Czar Nicholas (Anastasia’s dad), he speaks Russian and he’s the patron of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce.

What’s going to happen next? Probs a bit of a media fire storm, more denial, maybe a trial, some treason charges, jail time and a cracking netflix special. We’ll keep you posted.

Royal Family News

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