ROYAL FAMILY NEWS: There's a religious sect that literally worships Phil and sign us up!

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So there are some villagers in Vanuatu who have long believed that a holy spirit travelled to a distant land and married a powerful woman. So when they got word in the 50’s that a man named Phil-The-Greek had married HRH Biz, they’re ears pricked up a bit.

But shit! When he came to Vanuatu in 1974 and they got to see him IRL it really blew their minds in the best way. Hence; the Prince Phillip Movement was born. From what we can tell having never visited Vanuatu ourselves (we’re totally working on it), practising under the Prince Phillip movement involves incorporating Phil related memorabilia into your life and really celebrating his wins as if you were your own.

Phil-The-Greek became aware of his followers when his man-in-waiting (probably) pulled him aside on that fateful trip in ‘74. While some might be alarmed and anxious to find themselves at the center of a religion in a land so far from home, Phil was into it and we respect that. First he sent them a signed portrait. Then they sent him a pig-killing-club. Then he sent them a portrait of him with the pig-killing-club. A few blokes even got to travel to London to meet him one time. Amazing.

Needless to say, members of the movement are deeply saddened to hear of his passing. They’ve already made some speeches and sent a private message to Biz. But like a video message not like a DM. You know what we mean. And they’re planning big things for this weekend - notably drinking kava, dancing, wailing and sharing their Phil memorabilia with pride. They’ll also roast a pig in his honour. No doubt, Phil-The-Greek would have loved to be there.

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