ROYAL FAMILY NEWS: These 15 royal conspiracies are lol but maybe Biz is a shape shifter?

Looking for the latest royal family news? Get all the tea from Buckingham Palace with LK and Rossy!

This week on the pod, things took a turn for the weird when LK went down the royal conspiracy theory rabbit hole. We’ve compiled 15 of the best ones here for you, you’re welcome.

Biz is a shape shifting alien reptile and the CIA are in on it

Biz OG (Queen Elizabeth 1 to her friends) was really a man

Margaret had a sneaky shag in South Africa and ended up with a love child

Charles and Diana had an evil fertility doctor who made his wife carry their genetic daughter

Charles is a vampire (lol at New Idea)

Kate used a surrogate with Charlotte because why did she look so good

Meghan is a secret agent for the CIA (no word on if she’s in on the shape shifter thing -- see above)

Harry and Meghan are these kids from Love Actually

Biz OG was actually Shakespeare

Jack the Ripper was a Royal

Harry isn’t Charles Son (look away, it’s too awkward)

Kate is feuding with Beyonce because she announced her pregnancy on B’s birthday (love this one so hard)

Diana was pregnant when she died

Meghan is obsessed with Riverdale and named Archie after the show

Prince George has a secret twin (kind of like that Simpsons episode)


For the latest on which ones Rossy “knows” are true and for all other breaking royal news, follow along to We’ll Never Be Royals!

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