ROYAL FAMILY NEWS: You can rent Princess Margaret’s joint in Mustique

We know. Breathe.

Yes, it’s THAT place. The one Colin Tennant gifted her after her wedding to Lord Snowden. The one where she was photographed in her cozi (gasp!) with Roddy LLewellyn (the hot young gardener she said she wasn’t shagging but definitely was).

You can rent that place. It’s $21,000USD for a week in the off season which honestly ain’t that bad considering it has six bedrooms and comes with a staff of five. It’s one 10 acres too. We’re not entirely sure how big an acre is but if it only took ten of them to contain Margaret when the rest of the commonwealth combined couldn’t satiate her, we reckon it’s probs big enough.

As an FYI, Mustique is formally part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the caribbean. It’s an island off the coast. In fact a bit like Tasmania but instead of Princess Mary and clean air, you get the ghost of Margaret and we bet a few tobacco stains on the curtains. Iconic.

The only downside is that you have to fly private to get to the island, probably on one of those god-awful puddle jumpers. Or row a boat if you’re into that. Once you’re there, you get to ride around in golf carts.

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Author's note: Hey guys, LK here. I really think Rossy and I should pull our resources and make this trip happen. If history is anything to go by, she’s going to try and be a bit of a buzzkill so I will likely need you all to keep spamming her with all the lush photos.


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