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Royal Recap - Week Six

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Royals, royals, royals … let’s see ... *madly scrolls through google news for any updates*

As predicted, the tabloid press are pretty into retrospectives these days given that camping out in the bushes outside Buckingham Palace to snap a glimmer of Prince George is now as life threatening as we’re sure it is soul crushing. Needless to say, those persistent bastards who run the British papers doing their darndest to get us top choice content, like these slow burns;

It was Liz’s birthday this week, the real one, not the fake one we pretend is real so we can have a sunny public holiday. She kept it classy by cancelling the standard gun salute but bets were high that she’d still get two chocolate cakes. Here’s the recipe. Jesus, this is the news now guys.

Also heard around the traps; there’s concern William and Kate won’t be allowed to have “fun” anymore as they begin to climb up the royals ranks. But honestly, who needs fun when you can have diamonds instead? And I’m sure if it all gets too stressful, they can just take a leaf out of Harry’s book and hop it to the states. Just imagine how much Oprah would lose her shit.

Meanwhile Serena Williams is killing that iso boredom by talking to the press about Meghan. Or rather, deliberately not talking about Meghan. It makes sense if you read the article. And our friends at Town & Country** have done God’s work and created this adorable loosky into the various royal digs. It’s worth a look if you’re a location perv like Rossy.

And now to scrape the bottom of the retrospective barrel if you will; there are fresh reports this week that Obama once told Charles that the American people are quite fascinated with the British family -- an anecdotal tidbit that The Express managed to turn into a 500+ word article that we’re assuming other people clicked on. It’s a pandemic miracle.

Is it time to turn these weekly roundups into lengthy and frivolous royal outfit reviews? Maybe. We’ll see you in some form, next week!

** We’re not actually friends with anyone at Town & Country yet but very much want to be

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