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Royals with the 'rona

Hey babes. As pando drags on, so does this tragic royal news drought. Well, almost. Because this week, we’re bringing you a rundown of all the royals who’ve caught that ‘rona. So pour yourself a lemsip and let’s get this done.

Prince Joachim of Belgium

As we previously discussed in the Belgium ep, Prince Jo has been a bit naughty. In May he broke lockdown to go to a party in Spain and then tested positive. The tenth in line said sorry and by all reports is going to be fine. Apology accepted mate, we hope you feel better soon.

Andrew Parker Bowles

Camilla's ex announced his infection at the height of Europe’s (first?) wave. He probably picked it up at Cheltenham Festival where he hung out with Zara Tindall. So, I guess if you’re going to get it, may as well get it while being fabulous.

Prince Charles

Speaking of Camilla, remember when this big guy got infected and the whole goddamn world went goddamn mad and poor Chaz had to bunker down at Balmoral for ages, even though everyone knows the wifi there is a bit shit? That was wild.

Prince Albert of Monaco

More than the face of a monarchy everyone always forgets exists, Albert is also a COVID survivor. He’s now in fine health and back to doing whatever it is that Princes of Monaco do in the year of our lord 2020.

And there you have it. Was this blog post too weird? Let us know @

Love yous.

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