Some of the shithouse nicknames given to Margaret Thatcher

While LK and Rossy are prone to a nickname…. they are not so sure about some of the ones given to female works leaders. Even though they frequently refer to the Queen of England as Biz and her late husband Phil the Greek. But these nicknames are 100% terms of endearment. Shit they even call former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher - Maggie. Which is a glowing contrast to the absolute rubbish names her male political colleagues used to call her.

Nicknames in politics are a bit like pricks in the bedroom. Quite prevalent yet often unwanted.

Donald trump was a prolific name caller but Margaret Thatcher preferred to spray her hair rather than her colleagues. We wish this behaviour was mirrored by her male colleagues, but they came up with some doozy nicknames for her. Fortunately, for her, these names never seemed to derail her political career.

Here are some of the shithouse nicknames given to Margaret Thatcher throughout her 31 year political career with 11 of those being in the top job as British PM.

The grocer's daughter

Unoriginal and seemingly offensive, Maggie’s dad owned a grocery store before becoming an alderman which is basically a local councillor. He then went on to become the mayor of Gratham but there were no accompanying nicknames towards Thatcher for her fathers promotion.

Thatcher the milk snatcher

You make one financial decision to your education portfolio and suddenly you are accused of snatching milk from school aged children! Maggie cut a milk program providing kids aged between 7 -11 years, free milk when she was blessed with this beauty.

Iron Lady

Oh the most famous one. And no surprises that a soviet journalist gave her this nickname after her steal-like qualities. Resistance to bad economies, lazy bastards and bullshit meant Maggie gained this unflattering nickname during her time as British PM.

Attila the Hen

One of her Liberal party critics Clement Freud, called her ‘Attila the Hen’. A play on words referring to 'Attila the Hun' who was best known for his brutality, pillaging cities and for generally being a shit bloke.

The Great She Elephant

Jesus Christ mate.

Some other bloke who was not a Maggie fan, yet sat in a lower seat in the British hierarchy had the audacity to call Maggie 'The Great She Elephant’. He claimed it was due to her: ‘Impenetrably thick hide, liable to mount charges in all directions, and always thinking in her trot’.

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