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Sophie Countess of Wessex

So, Sophie is definitely not a royal adjacent, as she is married to the son of the Queen which makes her an actual working royal - and a good one we might add. But, Sophie and her husband Edward are very boring and never step out of line, so for a podcast all about royal scandal they get no air time. However, we decided to have a look at Sophie, not just because she is pretty and has been handballed all of Meghan’s royal duties now, but because we also found a tiny bit of scandal.

Fun Facts

So Sophie was born on the 20th January 1965 - which makes her an Aquarius. She worked in PR before marrying Edward. Their wedding was in June of 1999 at St George’s Chapel - which is definitely not the good one. Biz gave Edward the title of Count of Wessex and Viscount Severn on his wedding day but it is widely believed he will get to be Duke of Edinburgh when Phil kicks the bucket (... any day now Ed).

Ed and Soph have two kids: Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, who are respectively thirteenth and twelfth in line to the British throne.

Sophie undertakes over 200 royal engagements each year, as she is the patron of over 70 charities and organisations, including Childline and the London College of Fashion (not including the ones she will inherit from #megxit). Her charity work primarily revolves around people with disabilities, women's rights, avoidable blindness, and agriculture.

Royal Romance

Edward met Sophie in 1987 while she was working at Capitol Radio - he was dating her friend at the time so nothing happened until they met again at a charity event in 1993. Sparks flew and they really hit it off, so they started dating and announced their engagement in 1999. Which may have been too big up the royal family after all the Diana damage that had been going on due to Charles not being able to pull his head in for his entire marriage… this is what Rossy reckons anyway.

The Ring

Let’s take a moment to gush about Sophie’s ring - cos it’s a beauty. Her ring is a two-carat oval diamond, flanked by two heart-shaped gemstones set in 18-carat white gold and estimated to be worth 100 000 quid.

Tiny bit of scandal

The month before her wedding ‘The Sun’ published a topless pic of her taken years before she was dating Edward. Sophie had been in Spain on a work trip with a male colleague. They were having a cheeky sunbake and being in Europe where most people are very liberal and don’t believe in tan lines - Sophie took off her bikini top and some jerk paparazzi got her with her tits out. Happens to the best of us.

Then after she married Ed, Sophie found herself involuntarily involved in a media sting. She went to a meeting at the Dorchester Hotel (which is where Karen stayed for the wedding of the century and you can hear more about this is on The Charles and Diana’s Wedding Ep) where Soph thought she was meeting an Arab Sheik, but it was a reporter from ‘News of the World’. Anyway, she was recorded calling Biz ‘old dear’ and said that Cherie Blair who is Tony Blair’s wife (Tony was Prime Minister at the time) was ‘absolutely horrid, horrid, horrid!’ and that her husband was useless! Shit! Sophie later wrote an apology letter to all involved.

But other than that Sophie gets up every day, does a Zoom call, wears her mask, drops in to see Biz for a cuppa, waves for the people and never ever ever considers leaving the Windsor’s or the firm. That’s why we love Sophie!

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